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In the realm of digital creation, I am a 3D artist and Concept Designer driven by the whims of visual intrigue. My artistic odyssey begins when inspirations, vivid and spontaneous, crystallize into still images and videos that transcend the conventional. Creatures, plants, and human forms, born from the depths of imagination, find expression through the malleability of digital media. What captivates me is the ability to recreate these entities, endowing them with unique materials and placing them in environments that defy the norms of the natural world.

Glass and metal materials are my chosen alchemy—tools that breathe life into my visions. Their capacity to create fluid shapes and colors allows me to explore the intrinsic beauty of these forms, devoid of preconceived connotations. In my creations, the essence of beauty is liberated, unburdened by earthly associations.

Beyond the aesthetic, I venture into the liminal space between the virtual and the real. My work is a dance on the boundaries of perception, inviting viewers to question the reality presented before them. In this exploration, the fantastical coexists with the tangible and the lines between the possible and the impossible blur.

Each piece is an invitation to transcend the ordinary, to witness the extraordinary, and to revel in the boundless possibilities of creation. It is an ode to the untamed spirit of imagination, where beauty knows no confines, and the virtual becomes a canvas for the infinite realms of the mind.



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