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The Automata Toy | Procedural Animation Project


This project is a procedural animation project that blends the charm of antique wooden toys with modern animation techniques. The project features a beautifully crafted wooden automata toy, set in a nostalgic scene. The automata toy was modeled in Blender, capturing the intricate details of traditional wooden craftsmanship. Textures were created using Substance Painter, adding realistic wood grain and aged patina to enhance the toy’s antique appearance. Using Houdini, I animated the toy with a combination of procedural techniques and keyframes, creating lifelike and amusing movements that evoke the mechanical precision of classic automata. The scene is set on an antique desk in the soft, evocative glow of twilight. Blender was used to light and render the scene, highlighting the warmth and authenticity of the wooden textures and creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.


poly-modeling, PBR texturing

UV layout and normal baking

procedural animation

lighting with volumetric fog 

cycles rendering in Blender

Software Used


Substance Painter



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