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The Gates | Unreal Engine Environment Project


This project showcases a meticulously crafted night scene designed to evoke a sense of mystery. The central elements include a giant mask-shaped gate, traditional Japanese Toris, and ambient trail lamps, all set within a hauntingly atmospheric environment. 

The project demonstrates a complete 3D workflow, from initial modeling and sculpting to texturing and environment creation in a game engine. The project focuses on creating an immersive and eerie atmosphere with technical execution and artistic vision.


poly-modeling, detailed sculpting,

UV layout and normal baking,

PBR texturing, world building, set dressing,

procedural blueprint development,

dynamic lighting, and global illumination

Software Used

Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter,

Unreal Engine, Quixel Bridge,

After Effects


Assets Turnarounds

Sketches, References, and Moodboard

Project Timeline

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